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Employer's Temporary Services dba acqHIRE Employment Solutions,

Employer's Temporary Services, formerly Bill Caldwell's Employment, primary purpose is to bring people and opportunities together for a better community. We are committed to having a positive impact on the people, businesses and community we serve. We do business with genuine concern and enthusiasm for our customers' and employees' best interest. We are distinguishing from our competitors by our size; we are small, friendly and accessible. We live, work and worship locally and our unique relationships within this community give us advantages that our competitors simply cannot offer. Our goals are to provide the best person for the job, assist in our clients' success, satisfy the needs of our candidates and spread goodwill in the community.


acqHire Talent (fill positions)

Your staffing needs are unique to your business. At Employer's Temporary Services, we develop a specific service profile for your company so that we can match the right candidate to your specific needs. One call to Employer's Temporary Services provides you with access to a hidden job market, customizable employment search, and confidential representation. You can acqHIRE the right talent with our flexible services, quick response and aggressive recruiting. Employer's Temporary Services is a cost-effective employment solution that allows you to concentrate your skills and resources on what you do best.

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acqHire Career (find work)

Your career is waiting for you at Employer's Temporary Services whether permanent placement, temp-to-hire, or simply temporary employment. We would like to meet with you and learn about your work experience, your talents, and education. Together we will discuss the job opportunities available through our agency. You are important to us and we are constantly searching our database to match your interests and skills with the appropriate, newest job opportunities. If you do not hear from us we want to hear from you. Keep checking with us – we are here to assist you in finding the right opportunity!

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